Chef Ng, renowned for high standards, leads our team of experienced staff in taking a systematic approach to focusing on all details from start to end. From menu design, produce selection, to actual cooking, and from storage to transportation, our attention to detail remains consistent every step of the way. This is the MoonChef quality you can expect as a partner.

Our kitchen is a 2,000 Sq. Ft. facility located in San Francisco Nob Hill. We take pride in our kitchen because the location helps ensure seasonal produce are delivered to us fresh daily. Also, we go beyond regularly scheduled inspections to ensure all of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained on a daily basis.

Each month, we work closely with nutritionists to design a seasonal menu that is in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the San Francisco Office on Aging. We make a point to incorporate seasonal and local produce so our menus can stay appetizing and fresh, in more ways than one.

We take dietary guidelines and restrictions very seriously. Meals designed for seniors on restricted diets are generally low fat, low sodium, and low in sugar. Complex carbohydrates are stressed. Menus typically include an entree, vegetable, white or brown rice, milk, and fruit. Special situations call for special attention. There is no detail too small for us.