MoonChef offers a turnkey solution that takes away all the worries. Meals are expertly prepared, packaged and delivered quickly, allowing you to serve hot meals to your clients that are healthy, delicious and affordable.

After our chef has finished cooking, our team moves on to packaging and transporting stages. Each meal is carefully packed into individual packages before they are loaded onto our vehicles. Each and every one of our vehicles comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to delivery. Meals are generally stored in sanitized containers while in transit unless instructed otherwise.

We use heavy-duty hot food transport containers with double wall insulation, and also a tight sealing lid with position locking. This is to ensure an interior tempera­ture of 140 degrees or above is maintained.

Temperatures are logged prior to leaving our central kitchen and upon arrival to the meal site to ensure food safety. The time from cooking completion to meals being served at the site does not exceed two hours. References are available upon request.

MoonChef operates under a quality assurance and quality control process, one that allows site managers and customers to give feedback regardless of nature. This feedback is reviewed and studied on a monthly basis unless deemed urgent. Appropriate adjustments are made when necessary.

Here is a couple feedback we have received recently:

“Your food tastes just like home-cooked meals.”

“Eating these meals makes me smile.  Thank you.”